Atmospheric Vent Water Heater 40-50 gallon

Bradford White’s Defender System Atmospheric Vent water heaters utilize a draft diverter and are atmospherically vented with capacities ranging from 30 to 50 gallons and inputs ranging from 30,000-50,000 BTU/Hr. Defender Atmospheric Vent models are perfect for many standard water heating applications.



■ Bradford White ICON System™*—Intelligent gas control with proven millivolt powered technology and built-in piezo igniter. A standard, off the shelf thermopile converts heat energy from the pilot flame into electrical energy to operate the gas valve and microprocessor. No need for external electricity. -- Enhanced Performance—Proprietary algorithms provide enhanced First Hour Rating and tighter temperature differential. -- Advanced Temperature Control System—Microprocessor constantly monitors and controls burner operation to maintain consistent and accurate water temperature levels.

-- Intelligent Diagnostics—An exclusive green LED light prompts the installer during start-up and provides ten different diagnostic codes to assist in troubleshooting.

-- Pilot On Indication—Flashing green LED provides positive indication that pilot is on.

-- Separate Immersed Thermowell—High-strength advanced polymer composite thermowell provides isolation between electric temperature sensor and surrounding water. No need to drain the tank when removing gas valve.

■ Advanced ScreenLok® Technology Flame Arrestor Design—Flame arrestor is designed to prevent ignition of flammable vapor outside of the water heater.

■ Resettable Thermal Switch—Proven and reliable bimetallic switch prevents burner and pilot operation in case of ongoing flammable vapors burning inside of the combustion chamber or restricted air flow.

■ Maintenance-Free—No regular cleaning of air inlet openings or flame arrestor is required under normal conditions.

■ Sight Window—Offers a view into the combustion chamber to observe the operation of the pilot and burner.

■ Factory-Installed Hydrojet® Total Performance System—Sediment reducing device that also increases first hour rating of hot water while minimizing temperature build-up in tank.

■ Vitraglas® Lining—An exclusively engineered enamel formula that provides superior tank protection from the highly corrosive effects of hot water. This formula (Vitraglas®) is fused to the steel surface by firing at a temperature of over 1600°F (871°C).

■ Insulation System—Non-CFC foam covers the sides and top of the tank, reducing heat loss. This results in less energy consumption, improved efficiencies, and jacket rigidity.

■ Pedestal Base.

■ Water Connections—3⁄4" (19mm) NPT factory installed true dielectric fittings.

■ Factory-Installed Heat Traps.

■ Protective Magnesium Anode Rod.

■ 3x4 “Snap Lock” Draft Diverter—Allows either 3" (76mm) or 4" (102mm) vent connections with inputs of 40,000 BTU/Hr. or less. Over 40,000 BTU/Hr. has the 4" (102mm) “Snap Lock” Draft Diverter.
■ T&P Relief Valve—Installed. ■ Low Restrictive Brass Drain Valve—Durable tamper proof design.

■ NOx Emissions—Less than 40 ng/J.

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