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Baron Mechanical is a TSASK Gas Contractor

SaskEnergy has opened up installation rebates to TSASK Gas Contractors. Our installations now qualify for rebates from SaskEnergy. For more information visit the SaskEnergy Website

Here is a list of the available rebates:


  • Furnace (96.0% – 96.9% AFUE) – $325
  • Furnace (97%+ AFUE) – $650
  • Boiler (95%+ AFUE) – $10/MBH (up to $2,000 per home)
  • Combi Boiler (95%+ AFUE) – $800
  • Tankless Water Heater (ENERGY STAR® certified) – $1,000
  • Condensing Water Heater (ENERGY STAR® certified) – $1,000
  • Tank Water Heater (ENERGY STAR® certified as of April 1, 2023) – $250
  • Heat Recovery Ventilator (ENERGY STAR® certified) – $100
  • The HRV rebate is available for replacement or installation of a new HRV in an existing residence (not a new home)

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What is Radon Gas?

It comes from uranium breaking down underground. It is the second leading cause of lung cancer besides smoking.

It is highest in the prairie provinces. (1 in 5 over 200 Bq/m3).

Radon Detector

The easiest way to detect radon is a detector. Preferably over a long period of time. We recommend, AirThings

How To Fix High Levels of Radon Gas

HRV Method

Having a working HRV that is installed and set to exhaust correctly can reduce radon gas by 50% or more. In my case (Tyler), I had an HRV that came with the house that was not working correctly and not allowing fresh air into the house. Also, the fresh air intake was not connected directly to my furnace duct work.  My reading on AirThings were just over 200 Bq/m3. After installing a new HRV and connecting it directly to my ductwork my readings went down to under 90 Bq/m3. 


Radon Exhaust Fan

Radon exhaust mitigation can be taken care of by “slab depressurization”, which can be done with piping and a fan hooked up to exhaust under the concrete in your home. The simplest installation, would be for a single penetration thru the concrete with an exhaust pipe connected to it, then to an exhaust fan out the side of your home.



Feel free to ask us about radon mitigation. 


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A modulating furnace is a smart furnace!

It uses as much gas as it needs to reach the desired heat. Besides being 97.5% efficient, this particular furnace is an 80,000 BTU furnace. It runs between 20,000 and 80,000 BTU based on heating demand. Less gas, more money in your pocket! For this install, the customer also had a wood burning stove. It was the perfect solution. If the customer didn’t get wood that day or decided to not burn logs then the furnace would kick into high gear on a cold day. Pretty cool, hey? 

What’s more? 

This furnace has a DC ECM motor. So it’s also a smart blower motor using electricity. Gone are the days of only 3 speeds. This furnace has 100’s to maximize electrical efficiency (and help overcome obstacles, like a dirty filter)! 

This particular furnace was paired with a communicating thermostat. Capable of WIFI control, Touch Screen, and more! A great pair to maximize the functionality of the modulating furnace. 

Sounds complicated?

All of this is taken care of by the furnace and thermostat. A few simple taps on your smart phone and you got the heat you want. Easy peazy!

Feel free to contact us and let us know if you are interested in a modulating furnace for your home!

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How to pick the right furnace

Ready for a new furnace but don’t know where to start?

Here are a few tips.

Furnaces sold today in Canada are all high efficient units! Chances are your big, bulky and old furnace can be reduced in gas consumption and physical size. 


Gas efficiency is an important consideration. For example, if you have an 80,000BTU furnace you can now get a 60,000BTU furnace replacement (in most cases!). Chances are your old furnace is 83% or so efficient, so it consumes more gas to produce heat. New furnaces range from 92-98% efficient. Another option is, if you want to go high end and most efficient then a modulating furnace may be the best for your house. It will use as much gas as it needs to heat your house. Ask us for more info and we can help.


Efficiency does not stop at gas. You need to consider the blower motor!

Your options range from the most efficient ECM motor to multi-speed PCM motors.

ECM motor’s are electronically commutated motors which use as much power as they need to. They are a true variable speed motor. They can compute the power to overcome the ductwork in your house, dirty filters or restrictive filers.

PCM motors are 3 speed and no inbetween, hence less efficient, but very common still.

So a few hundred dollars more for an ECM motor can be well worth it. They may be more expensive to replace, but most furnaces come with 5-10 year warranties and the savings on your electrical bill can add up.


Keep in mind when checking out online reviews for furnaces that many people have had issues with any brand and any part. For example, if you check out York furnaces on a consumer report website and all you can see is negative reviews… then consider the website you are reading. You may find Coleman produces great furnaces and York doesn’t… well the parent company of both those furnaces is Johnson Controls and most parts are the same and carry the same reliability.  If you stick to a major brand that has a long standing reputation then you typically don’t have anything to worry about.

With all that said, we recommend to get your furnace checked over once a year, no matter what brand you have. Think of it like an oil change for your car.

Have any questions about furnaces? Feel free to give us a call or email through the website. 



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Your running toilet is costing you money!

#1 Flapper is old, worn, loss of flexibility

Do you have to wiggle the handle to stop your toilet from running? It's probably the flapper. Water can leak past the seal of the flapper, into the bowl, then down the drain! This can cause a real headache with your water bill. If you see the flapper deformed, or you touch it and your finger turns the color of the rubber then its time to replace it. Universal flappers are available, a popular choice is The Hornet




#2 Water level set too high

If your water level in the tank is set too high it will overflow into the bowl fill tube and then down the drain. This can easily be fixed by adjusting the water level. Typically the best setting is 1/2" - 1" below the top of the fill tube. Setting this water level properly will reduce the amount of water your toilet uses, which should help with your water bill! The picture below shows a common Fluidmaster ball cock. To adjust these simply turn the threaded adjustable rod counter-clockwise. This pushes the fill valve further down and reduces the water level.


#3 Chain gets caught under flapper

Make sure to adjust the chain from the flapper to the handle to eliminate too much slack. Be careful not to set it too tight, because this may hinder the flapper movement and you will not get a full flush!

If you need assistance let us know!

Picking the right toilet for your house is important. You want one that is going to last for years to come. We can make suggestions and help you find one that works and fits just right. Put your worries aside. We can supply a new toilet, install and then dispose of your old one! 

Call us 1-306-500-6611

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  We are a proud dealer of Coleman Air Conditioner’s. A brand that has been around since the early 1900’s. From the first lantern to state of the art HVAC equipment. Dependability, out standing efficiency and superior performance! Switching from an old r22 AC system? Mention this blog post and we will buy your old unit for $100 with the purchase of a new Coleman Air Conditioning unit from us! Call us for more details on your new AC unit or to replace your old unit.


Top 10 Reasons to Replace your Aging Equipment!

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Thinking about a natural gas BBQ connection in your backyard or on your deck for the spring and summer? Forget running out to fill propane tanks in the middle of cooking. Contact us now for a free estimate and we’ll be happy to get you cooking all summer long! Mention this post for $50 off your install! (offer expires Sept 30/2018)

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Thinking about a bathroom renovation? We can provide help and guidance through the whole process! 

We can assist whether its a simple renovation or complete 360 degree change!

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We are now a Coleman HVAC Dealer. Our main products we supply are Furnaces and Air Conditioners. The equipment is made by Johnson Controls. They are a leader in manufacturing HVAC equipment with roots back to 1885. The Coleman brand dates back to early 1900 when they began selling gas lamps. If you would like to know more about Coleman furnaces and Air Conditioners please visit the Coleman website or ask us and we would be happy to help you!

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