Radon Gas Exposure

What is Radon Gas?

It comes from uranium breaking down underground. It is the second leading cause of lung cancer besides smoking.

It is highest in the prairie provinces. (1 in 5 over 200 Bq/m3).

Radon Detector

The easiest way to detect radon is a detector. Preferably over a long period of time. We recommend, AirThings

How To Fix High Levels of Radon Gas

HRV Method

Having a working HRV that is installed and set to exhaust correctly can reduce radon gas by 50% or more. In my case (Tyler), I had an HRV that came with the house that was not working correctly and not allowing fresh air into the house. Also, the fresh air intake was not connected directly to my furnace duct work.  My reading on AirThings were just over 200 Bq/m3. After installing a new HRV and connecting it directly to my ductwork my readings went down to under 90 Bq/m3. 


Radon Exhaust Fan

Radon exhaust mitigation can be taken care of by "slab depressurization", which can be done with piping and a fan hooked up to exhaust under the concrete in your home. The simplest installation, would be for a single penetration thru the concrete with an exhaust pipe connected to it, then to an exhaust fan out the side of your home.



Feel free to ask us about radon mitigation. 


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